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Been stamped once, but it's been a year and I'd like to try again. :)

Name: Deidre
Nickname: D, The D, D-chan
Age: 21
Birthdate: April 27
Vote me as male/female/whatever: Yes. Any. lol

Likes: My job (bookstore!), writing, reading, playing video games, the gym, True Crime stories, manga, vampires, spiced red wine, the Wii, my friends, my boyfriend, food, puppies... okay, you know what, I could go on forever. I like a lot of things.
Dislikes: hypocrites, writer's block (AAAAGH), romance novels, bad service in restaurants, gas prices, backstabbers
Strong points: I'm largely very tolerant, even of people I think are stupid. I believe in etiquette... to a point. I know my weak points very well. I strive not to make the same mistake... three times. lol I can take care of myself--I've lived successfully on my own the first time I moved out.
Weak points: Extremely distrusting (almost a paranoia), I harbor hatred for a couple people in my past, I procrastinate, I have a hard time sticking to short-term goals, and I fall in love too easily and quickly.
Personality in 3 words: Observant, bi, happy

Talents: My writing is my strongest talent--I've won scholarships and awards for it. Um... I could sing 7 years ago, but I'm only mediocre since I quit choir in favor of Japanese.
Favorite Color: I have a few, but I guess... green or black.
Favorite Food: Oh, man, what DON'T I like? Right now it's Italian or chicken or Chinese or Japanese or Thai... really, it's that hard for me to pick one.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Realistic... but lately with more optimism
Outgoing or shy?: Maybe more like, "Beginning to emerge from the shyness."
Mature or immature?: Yes. lol
Leader or follower?: Depends. I can follow easily, but ask me to lead and I'll do my damnedest.

[situational] Alright, you are sparring with Goku, and he suddenly catchs you off guard and sends a huge kamehameha attack hurling towards you. What do you do?: I run like hell. Or try to find a rock to hide behind. lol I'll try for safety before risking my neck, if possible.

Favorite Dragonball Z character?(any reason why?): Mirai Trunks... because he's cute and shy and strong and has a genuinely caring, good heart. It also helps that he's intelligent, though not quite as cunning as his father. :) I think he got the best from both parents, though.

And finally, post at least 1-2 clear pictures of yourself.

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