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"Because angels are without matter, they are not individuals. Every angel is a species!

Name: Lina~
Nickname: NaCl [it's a long story]
Age: 17
Birthdate: May 2nd
Vote me as male/female/whatever: Don't care a whit

Likes: water polo! also equestrian horseback riding, cooking, singing, swimming, history, literature, any kinds of music, and food-- pasta, sushi, chocolate-covered strawberries
Dislikes people who just don't think, ignorance, bigotry, people who don't laugh, maths, swimming (yes, I listed that above as well. it's a love-hate relationship)
Strong points: I like to think that I'm intelligent, especially in the liberal arts; I pick up languages quickly, I write well, and I'm a total world history nerd (and proud of it). I really do like sitting around and having conversations about politics and history, as weird as it may seem. Even outside liberal arts, I just love knowing things, and I still challenge myself with advanced sciences and maths even though I'm not as good at them. I actually like sports, especially water sports-- my friends can attest to having their ears talked off about water polo. But it makes me passionate, and I have a drive to improve. I'm stubborn and proud; and while those can sound like negative qualities, it means that I won't let myself quit until there's nothing left to learn.
Weak points: While I like to be intelligent, I have my stupid moments as does everyone, usually from a complete lack observance. I can whine when things get bad (I do try to be optimistic, though), and I have an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to my older sister. I'm stubborn, almost to the point of thick-headedness, and can sometimes refuse to admit that I was wrong. I am also a little vain-- not in the idea that I see myself as beautiful and perfect, but the other way around-- that I don't quite see myself that way enough, so I'm constantly worrying about my appearance.

Personality in 3 words: Easily-amused, stubborn, excitable

Talents: water polo, swimming, equestrian, piano, writing (poetry/prose, analytical, and historical)
Favorite Color: It changes constantly. Right now it's yellow.
Favorite Food: This is difficult to nail down.... chocolate-covered strawberries, sushi, anything spicy... I just plain like food (but not fast food. gross).
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic, but I have pretty good sense of realism, as well, and don't set myself up for much disappointment if I can help it.
Outgoing or shy?: Neither. I'm not shy, per se, as I pretty easily open up once I get going in a conversation. But neither am I quite outgoing, either-- I'm quiet and laid-back, but I think I'm a good conversationalist. I'm not obnoxious but neither am I violently shy.
Mature or immature?: I can be pretty immature when hanging out with my friends, but I know when is the right time to be serious and level-headed. For the most part, I think of myself as mature for my age.
Leader or follower?: Leader, though I like having a few advisers around to guide me and catch me if I start to make a bad decision. I just usually think that I can make better choices and stay better organised than most other people.

[situational] Alright, you are sparring with Goku, and he suddenly catches you off guard and sends a huge Kamehameha attack hurling towards you. What do you do?:

Hahaha well, I'm going to assume that I'm sparring with Goku of all people because I have awesome kickass powers and he considers me worth his time. Because if I didn't have some sort of martial arts talent, I wouldn't be anywhere near this fight, and/or he wouldn't feel threatend enough to shoot off a Kamehameha me... Anyway, to answer the question...

I'd know that I wouldn't have enough ki to defeat Goku, and as a girl, I'm not strong enough to win by brute force. So I'd dodge the Kamehameha as best as I could (because I like to focus on speed to balance out my weak points )-- Instant Transmit if I could-- reappear behind Goku, and take him by surprise while he's blasting the &*^(%*& out of some random wall.

Favorite Dragonball Z character?(any reason why?):

I think my favorite character is Goku. There's just something about his purity and carefree attitude-- and yet his ability to be so focused and sharp when he needs to be-- that really appeals to me. He can be so happy and easygoing, but the great thing about it is that he's not just the idiot that people make him out to be; he's just genuine. He knows when something serious is happening, he knows the gravity of situations, but he smiles and keeps everyone else doing so, too. I love the family dynamic he has with his sons (and, yes, Chi-Chi-- she's such an underrated character). He's probably the least realistic in terms of character, but he's adorable and awesome and I love him.
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