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big bang KAMEHAMEHA!

Name: Alyson
Nickname: Al
Age: 18
Birthdate: 5/25
Vote me as male/female/whatever: Up to you guys!

Likes: Theater- it's a way you can express yourself, an escape. People who aren't afraid to be different. Guitar. Just hangin out with people I love, having a good time. Like it when it rains, wouldn't mind moving to Seattle or Vancouver where it rains all the time. Those cities seem to have an indie artsy mood. Intelligence. Spirituality. Journalism.

Dislikes: Stereotypes. People who are judgemental, those who have low tolerence. People who change just so they can fit in, be yourself! The fact that there's so much hate in the world, I wish I could do more to help... Insects! What can be more irrational?

Strong points: I have a huge amount of tolerance. Can't get me mad easily. Would be the one cracking jokes just as the world comes to an end. Good sense of morals. Considerate.

Weak points: Sometimes I need to take things more seriously. Extremely stubborn. I hate to say it, but I can be a pushover at times! Indecisive...

Personality in 3 words:

Talents: Do a lot of theater work, directing, cinematography.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: I eat anything really! Uhm, I guess Italian or Mexican.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic

Outgoing or shy?: More outgoing than I really should be *haha* Not afraid to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.

Mature or immature?: Mature, but there are times...

Leader or follower?: Totally chill with being a follower, but if no one sticks up for themselves, I'm happy to be a leader!

[situational] Alright, you are sparring with Goku, and he suddenly catches you off guard and sends a huge kamehameha attack hurling towards you. What do you do?: *haha* I'd tell him to get the senzu beans ready! Well I'd *try* to somehow fight the blast and not negate it. *Insert beam struggle here* Fair fighting right? I'd try to spar with him as long as I can... too stubborn to quit.

Favorite Dragonball Z character?(any reason why?): ...Gohan...the way that he doesn't fight to *fight,* but to protect others. The way he puts everybody else ahead before him. How he has this dorky demeanor but deep down has this power... can't put it to words heh 

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