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Name: Nathan
Nickname: Indiana, Aggro, Ass-kicker
Age: 19
Birthdate: 15th Jan 1989
Vote me as male/female/whatever: Male

Likes: Music, psychology, video games, comics, anything Lord of the Rings related, cartoons, the paranormal, various sports
Dislikes: Vegetables, trend followers, stereotypes, ignorance, large groups of people, rudeness, bullying
Strong points: Independent, strong, sensible, fair and decent, patient
Weak points: Quiet in social situations, get angry quickly and easily, lack sympathy, reckless
Personality in 3 words: Independent, different, alien

Talents: Adapting to new situations, entertaining myself, attentive to detail, quick
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Chicken schnitzel
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Neutral
Outgoing or shy?: Shy
Mature or immature?: Mature
Leader or follower?: Follower

[situational] Alright, you are sparring with Goku, and he suddenly catchs you off guard and sends a huge kamehameha attack hurling towards you. What do you do?: Jump and elevate about his blast, then catch him off guard with as strong a blast as possible of my own in the short amount of time left. But it's Goku, so no doubt I wouldn't be able to pull that off!

Favorite Dragonball Z character?(any reason why?): Future Trunks - because he showed up Goku by killing Frieza with a few sword swipes.

And finally, post at least 1-2 clear pictures of yourself.

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