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Name: Jesse
Nickname: Failure Faise
Age: 20
Birthdate: 6 April 1987
Vote me as male/female/whatever: Whichever.

Likes: Anime/Manga, music, HTML/CSS/JAVA coding, creating web skins/layouts, drawing, writing, dragons, and my red-panda plushie. |: Also, wounds, mind games, scars, and sarcasm.
Dislikes: Faux "innocence", lying, elephants, monkeys, clowns, vibrant colors, prissy/snobby individuals, whiners.
Strong points: Creative, tech saavy, logical, humorous.
Weak points: Remembering things, attracting weirdos/stalkers.
Personality in 3 words: Prone to mood-swings.

Talents: See "Likes" above.
Favorite Color: Black.
Favorite Food: Tacos.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic.
Outgoing or shy?: Border of both.
Mature or immature?: Immature.
Leader or follower?: Follower.

[situational] Alright, you are sparring with Goku, and he suddenly catchs you off guard and sends a huge kamehameha attack hurling towards you. What do you do?:

I would stand and stare until I'm destroyed, because I'm too slow to actually react.

Favorite Dragonball Z character?(any reason why?):

Vegeta. His bad-ass attitude made me oogle him as a little kid.

And finally, post at least 1-2 clear pictures of yourself.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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